“Whistle for the End” Chișinău Guerrilla Event

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“Whistle for the End” Chișinău Guerrilla Event

June 30, 2021

On the last day of June 2021, a 24-hour performance took place in Chișinău, Moldova. With the event, the Regional Anti-Corruption Initiative (RAI) called the attention of the public not only to the scale of corruption but also to the key role that citizens have in fighting corruption.

Throughout the day, by choosing to press the button and “Whistle for the End!”, the citizens of Chișinău kept symbolically saving public money from ‘destruction’ in front of their eyes.

This is the fifth street performance brought to the streets and squares of the Western Balkans and Moldova’s capitals, as a part of the “Whistle for the end!” educational and information campaign.

The event was opened by Ms. Laura Ștefan, Chairperson of the Regional Anti-corruption Initiative, Mr. Ion Pruteanu, Head of the Anti-corruption Education Division from the General Corruption Prevention Directorate of Republic of Moldova (NAC), as well as youth representatives – Ms. Vlada Șimon, anti-corruption volunteer of NAC and Mr. Valentin Josan, Youth European Ambassadors’ representative in Moldova.

Ms. Laura Ștefan, RAI Chairperson, said: “With this performance, we wanted to draw attention to the damage that corruption causes to society in the Republic of Moldova and to the significant role that every citizen has in the fight against corruption.” By pressing the button, the citizens “Whistled for the End” and in that way symbolically stopped corruption and further waste of their money. This gesture showed how much money together we can save from destruction when we do not accept to participate in corruption. In this way, we sent a message that we are with the whistleblowers – those citizens who, by reporting corruption, make a courageous and selfless decision, putting themselves in the service of the public interest.”

“In the last year, CNA has recognized the status of whistleblowers for 8 persons and maintains a good inter-institutional collaboration with the Office of the People’s Advocate. We are convinced that we are part of a society, that is fully aware of the harmful repercussions of corruption, we are confident in the success of the application and further promotion of the institute of the whistleblower. We urge you to become actively involved in altruism, courage, and civic spirit towards the eradication of corruption”, said Mr. Ion Pruteanu, the Head of the Anticorruption Education Department of the National Anticorruption Center.

Ms. Vlada Șimon, the anti-corruption volunteer of the National Anticorruption Center: “Citizens need to be aware that acting jointly with the state institutions against corruption and the corrupted is effective. Therefore, in order to restore confidence, we, the young people, must take measures to strengthen integrity, promote and strengthen the state’s efforts to prevent the consequences of illicit acts, including corruption, because we believe that the involvement and support of whistleblowers are essential at this time.”

Mr. Valentin Josan, the representative of the Young European Ambassadors, reiterated how essential the involvement of young people in the fight against corruption is: “It is important for us, young people, to be aware of the importance of every word spoken in defense of truth and justice. Every denunciation, even if left with no finality, has its certain impact. In such moments, what really matters is personal integrity and morality. So, let’s break the silence and whistle together for the end of corruption!”


June 30, 2021


Europe Square, Central Park
Chișinău, Moldova, Republic of
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