07 – 08 September 2017, Slovenia: RAI Secretariat Visits Slovenia

During the period of 07 – 08 September 2017, RAI’s Secretariat team will participate at two outstanding interlinked regional events that will be held in Brdo, Slovenia:

  1. 17th PCC SEE Committee of Ministers Meeting on September 7th and
  2. Brdo Process Ministerial Meeting – IISG Kick-Off Conference, organised by the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Slovenia on September 8th.

During the visit, RAI Secretariat team will also use the opportunity to meet with the Slovenian Commission for the Prevention of Corruption and Centre for Excellence in Finance CEF. The scope of these meetings is to strengthen working relationships with key stakeholders.

Among the main objectives of the visit, RAI will also use the opportunity to:

  1. Present the International Instrument on data exchange on Asset Disclosure and Conflict of Interest promoted at Trieste Western Balkan Summit on 12.07.2017;
  2. Promote upcoming RAI Regional Event on Integrity in Law Enforcement;
  3. Ensure RAI Secretariat continued involvement in IISG Structure;
  4. Reaffirm intentions to involve Slovenia as a Partner in RAI activities.

Considering that RAI is committed to engaging in the reform and accession processes in the field of anti-corruption both at the regional level (South East Europe) and at the sub-regional level, the participation at the events and meetings presents grounds to confirm the active role taken in the regional processes, as well the occasion to be recognized as a stakeholder.

For more information please contact RAI Secretariat at info@rai-see.org.

16 August 2017

RAI Secretariat