The Albanian Prime Minister Rama: "Those involved in corruption will leave"

The Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama, introduced the new director of the National Food Authority, Agim Ismaili. 

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Rama declared that this institution must stop once and for all its corruptive practices, which, according to Rama, have created an unacceptable situation.

“This is an institution that should not be forgotten, because it is directly related to the life quality and standards that Albania needs to fulfill to become part of the European family”, Rama declared.

According to Rama, NFA is an institution that currently only places fines and terrorizes small businessmen. He warned that this practice which NFA applies in Customs as well must come to an end.

Rama spoke about unprofessionalism because of staff hired just to profit, not to work: “There are still lab equipments that haven’t been taken out of their boxes for years, because no one knows how to operate them.

“In these conditions, we need to remove NFA from this situation. There are people here who must understand that they will have to leave. NFA is infected by corruption, in which fining people for corruptive purposes has turned into a standard”, Rama declared.

The Prime Minister warned that butcher shops that don’t fulfill the criteria will be closed soon: “Albania is the only place in Europe that still has them”, Rama said.

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10 October 2017

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