Study: Corruption is perceived as a negative phenomenon nationwide

Moldovans do not trust state institutions, reads a study conducted by the Center for Sociological Investigations and Marketing “CBS AXA”.


According to experts, corruption is the underlying phenomenon causing citizens’ mistrust, Radio Moldova reported. Corruption climbed into the top problems felt and perceived by the Moldovan population, says the project manager at “CBS AXA”, Vasile Cantarji.

“In this survey, corruption ranks fifth after poverty, tariffs, unemployment and political instability, as a negative phenomenon nationwide. Surprisingly, most respondents define this phenomenon by offering bribes, giving money to someone unjustly to solve a problem. However, a good portion of those who were interviewed agreed that those giving bribes were equally responsible for corruption,” said Vasile Cantarji.

The expert also noted that for years, the main state institutions are perceived as the most corrupt institutions: parliament, government, judiciary, police. Lack of confidence in these institutions is almost entirely determined by the perception that they are corrupt.

The study was conducted between 28 January and 4 February, in six territorial units of the country: Calarasi, Criuleni, Telenesti, Rezina, Cimislia and Balti. In total, experts have conducted 601 interviews.

The margin of error is plus or minus 4%.

Teleradio Moldova 

20 April 2016