Serbia: Ex-minister sentenced to 3.5 years in jail in corruption case

Former Minister of Environmental Protection, Oliver Dulic, has been found guilty by the Special Court in Belgrade, on charges of abuse of office. Dulic stood accused of abusing his official position when issuing licenses to the Nuba Invest company.


He has been sentenced to three years and six months in prison. The verdict is not final and the former cabinet member has the right of appeal. Speaking to reporters after the reading of the verdict, Dulic protested his innocence and announced he would appeal against the judgment.

In addition to Dulic, his former deputy Nebojsa Janjic was also found guilty and sent to jail for three years, while public company Roads of Serbia former director Zoran Drobnjak will serve one year.

Dulic and Janjic have also been banned from holding public office for five years, and Drobnjak for three years.

Dulic and Janjic were in the courtroom today for the reading of the verdict, while Drobnjak was represented by his lawyer.

According to the indictment, the three former officials in 2009 issued location and building permits to install fiber optic cables on state roads to Nuba Invest – although the Slovenian company did not have the necessary documentation.

By doing so, the indictment charged, they made illegal gains of over eight million Serbian dinars (RSD).

During the trial, the defendants denied these charges.

The trial began in June 2015, while the investigation was launched in September 2012.

17 July 2017

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