Sarajevo, 4 November: Workshop on RAI – PCC SEE Cooperation

On Friday 4 November a workshop on cooperation between Police Cooperation Convention for Southeast Europe (PCC SEE) and Regional Anti-Corruption Initiative (RAI) was held at the RAI Secretariat’s offices in Sarajevo, the attendees were Mr. Ottavio Bottecchia and Ms. Jelka Klemenc for PCC-SEE, Mr. Radu Cotici for RCC, Mr. Tomislav Curic, Ms. Jasna Panjeta and Ms. Aida Bulbul for RAI. 


The three-hours workshop touched many points of interest for the two organizations, including updates on respective activities and a discussion on new potential areas of cooperation and specific projects ideas, including the establishment of a corruption risk assessment in the Police sector. The delegates from the various organization agreed on the possibility of long-term cooperation between them within the respective areas of expertise.


Rai Secretariat
8 November 2016