Romania’s Finance Ministry publishes budget reports of 200 state-owned enterprises

The Finance Ministry has published the budgetary execution of 200 state-owned companies, which includes all the revenues and expenditure these companies recorded in the first quarter of this year.


The 200 companies are owned by the Ministries of Communications, Culture, Energy, Environment, Education, Agriculture, Health, Labor, Transports, Public Finance, Youth and Sports, National Defense, Economy, as well as the General Secretariat of the Government, National Bank of Romania, the Chamber of Deputies, and the State Assets Management Authority.

The measure aims to increase transparency in public spending. It removes the risk of fraud and corruption, said Finance Minister Anca Dragu. The information can be viewed on, within the new section of “Reports of Public Enterprises”.

The Finance Ministry has recently published the budgets of 13,700 public institutions.

Romania Insider 

18 August, 2016