Romania's Anticorruption Directorate General and Ukraine's National Agency for Prevention of Corruption signed a collaboration protocol

Constantin Preoteasa, Deputy Director General of the Anticorruption Directorate General (DGA) of Romania, and head of Ukraine’s National Agency for Prevention of Corruption Natalya Korchak on Tuesday signed a cooperation protocol between the two institutions in the area of corruption prevention, according to a DGA statement.


The protocol was signed at the DGA headquarters, in the presence of Ukraine’s ambassador to Romania Oleksandr Bankov.

“This document was drafted following the DGA identifying, as part of its specific activities of corruption prevention and combat, the need to establish cooperation relations with similar institutions of the neighbouring countries, taking into account the concrete circumstances and cases, with effects on borders, both with the EU member states and with countries outside the EU,” the statement reads.

Ukraine’s National Agency for Prevention of Corruption was established under a national project, “Fight against Corruption in Ukraine”, funded by a common effort of the Council of Europe and EU’s Eastern Partnership. Its inception in 2015 was a prerequisite for the initiation of visa liberalisation between the EU and Ukraine, in order to create a space of security and stability in the area, DGA mentions.

“DGA was established in 2005, with the process of institutional development and the stages covered by the Anticorruption Directorate General being the best example to follow by the Ukrainian partners. At the moment, DGA can be an excellent supplier of expertise in the area of creating and implementing corruption prevention instruments, mainly in the sense and the spirit of the EU projects for enhancing anticorruption capacities at the external borders,” says DGA.

02 August 2017

Nine O’clock

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