Romania: US Embassy recommends continuation of anti-corruption efforts

The US Embassy congratulates the new Government and Parliament and expects the collaboration with PM Sorin Grindeanu to further develop the strategic partnership, but warns that the partnership is based on the “commitment for a good governance and firmly supports the efforts of president Klaus Iohannis and the judicial institutions to apply the law in these aspects.”


The Embassy’s statement comes after the Justice minister Florin Iordache said that an amnesty law discussed in the Parliament „would be welcomed” and after several representatives of civil society and the opposition warned that the Government and the majority PSD-ALDE from the Parliament might attack the law and the justice institutions.

President Klaus Iohannis warned that the approval of such a law would have a serious impact on Romania’s rule of law.

The declaration is closed in a supportive manner for the anti-corruption efforts and invites policymakers to remain on this path.

“We advise all the representative of the executive, legislative and judicial areas from Romania to collaborate for the continuation of the country’s fight against corruption and to ensure the credibility of the leaders and Romania’s institutions. ”

Business Review 

10 January 2017

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