Romania: Ex-Finance minister Darius Valcov, indicted in new corruption file for bribing a land register clerk

Former Finance minister and former mayor of Slatina, Darius Valcov, was indicted in a new corruption file, being charged with abetment in bribery and bribery. Prosecutors say Valcov has bribed a clerk within the land register office.


Investigators accuse Valcov that he has initiated the establishment of three companies, acting as a whole, Millenium Topographica SRL, Contis Company SRL and Ciobanu şi Asociaţii.

Subsequently, the former Finance minister decided to co-opt Eduard Cincu, clerk with the Olt Land Registers Office in one of these companies, to check the land register documents carried out by the Millenium Topographica’s employees so that the institution should not reject their file. Valcov would have been discontent that the company’s employees were not doing their job and the company had financial losses because of that.

Along with Darius Valcov, former administrator and legal adviser of Millenium Topographica, Elena Calota and Mircea Dogaru were also indicted for bribery, but also the land register clerk, Eduard Cincu, for bribe taking.

The prosecutor’s office upon Olt Tribunal, Mircea Dogaru, was the one that gave Eduard Cincu RON 1,000 on a monthly basis during January-April 2012, in order to take care of the company’s land register documents.

Lawyer Daniel Barbulescu, former deputy and Valcov’s godson, was witness and indicter in the case, but anti-corruption prosecutors suspect him of abetment in bribery and bribe taking as well.

Barbulescu is currently director within the Agency for the Rural Investment Financing. In 2015, Barbulescu was the one who has hidden Valcov’s safe in his house, but also the one who denounced the former mayor of Slatina.

28 July 2017

Romania Journal

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