RAI Secretariat takes part at the 10th Annual Meeting held in Dubrovnik

Regional Anti-corruption Initiative (RAI), represented by Head of Secretariat, Mr Vladan Joksimovic, participated at the 10th Annual Meeting held in Dubrovnik on 29 June 2017.


In his address Mr Joksimovic noted that one of the keys to successful governance reforms and integrations of society lay in the strong regional cooperation and that in the field of anti-corruption, RAI has been working on strengthening the ties and fostering the peer to peer exchanges between institutions and professionals in different ways for number of years.

Mr Joksimovic had stressed that one concrete action that reflects this is the development of the International Treaty on exchange of data for the verification of asset declarations. The main purpose of the Treaty is to prevent and to combat corruption by providing for a direct administrative exchange of information concerning asset declarations between national anti-corruption institutions. He noted that RAI’s beneficiaries, namely anti-corruption agencies and commissions, ministries of interior and justice see the Treaty as a new tool to enhance their work.

Dubrovnik 10th Annual Meeting

  (Photo: RCC/Srdjan Kurajica & Klaudio Pozniak)

Furthermore, RAI facilitated the technical negotiations between respective institutions from the SEE, who have shown exemplary commitment and participation. RCC and other partners supported the negotiations process for which RAI is also thankful. RAI is particularly thankful to the Austrian Development Agency for recognizing the value of this project and providing funding for it.


Mr Joksimovic also stressed that strengthening regional cooperation on data exchange in asset disclosure and conflict of interest is of utmost importance for the transparency of the national governments and institutions in our region. He stated that RAI is now seeking support for the commencement of political negotiations and formal adoption.

RAI’s Secretariat complements Regional Cooperation Council on their continuous lead and efforts in implementation of the SEE2020 Strategy stating that RAI sees the Council as a key partner and a companion in strengthening the governments and societies in the Region.

30 June 2017

RAI Secretariat