Prosecutors seize Romanian Prime Minister’s apartment

Victor Ponta1

The anti-corruption prosecutors have seized an apartment owned by the Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta. They recently charged him with of complicity to tax evasion, with a prejudice of over EUR 11,500.

Ponta allegedly helped his friend and former Infrastructure Minister Dan Sova avoid paying some taxes, according to prosecutors, reports local Ponta apparently provided him falsified documents, such as invoices and activity reports, meant to justify future payments for fictional legal activities. Sova thus registered fictional expenses for which he didn’t pay taxes, prosecutors say.

The Prime Minister went on Wednesday, August 19, to the National Anti-Corruption Directorate to read the prosecutors’ expertize. He said that he paid taxes worth some EUR 12,000 for the money he received from Dan Sova’s law firm, so there was no damage to the state.

Romania-Insider            August 20, 2015