President of the Anti-Corruption Commission, Tanturovski resigns

The president of the State Commission for Preventing Corruption, Igor Tanturovski, has officially resigned from his post, “TV21” has learned. In his resignation letter, Tanturovski states that he is resigning for health and family reasons.
Tanturovski is the second anti-corruption official who has decided to take this step. This follows yesterday’s resignation of former SCPC president and member, Goran Milenkov. Sources within the anti-corruption commission told TV21 that the resignations were announced by members Zaklina Damcevska and Sejdi Halili.
The resignations come several days after the scandalous internal report issued by the commission, which shows that some of its members falsified travel orders in order to claim higher travel expenses and unnecessarily expenditure of state budget funds. The current lineup of the commission was announced on April the 14th, 2015.
06 March 2018