Most Bulgarians Feel Pessimistic about Convicting Officials of Corruption – Poll

A new survey has shown that tolerance to corruption among Bulgarian citizens is very low but only one out of 10 believes it is very likely for an official to be convicted on corruption charges in the country, bTV reported on Monday.

Just 2% of 1,000 respondents polled by Exacta Research Group state that they won’t blame people who ask for bribes, while 98% don’t justify them.

Six percent justify those who give bribes, while 94% condemn them, according to the nationally representative survey conducted by the polling agency between March 28 and April 5, bTV said.

Seventy-seven percent of those polled see it as highly unlikely for a person to be convicted of corruption offences in Bulgaria. The most skeptical among them are those who are well off, people with higher degree of education, as well as supporters of nationalist political parties.

Over the past four years, skepticism has increased toward the probability of a person to be convicted on corruption charges in Bulgaria, the poll indicated, according to bTV.

Ten percent of the respondents say that have given bribes to solve health problems over the past year, 5% – to police officers, including traffic police, 3% – to be issued a permit, certificate or another document, while less than 2% have paid bribes to customs or tax officials.

Less than 1% of those polled say they have paid a bribe to officials of the justice or education systems.

25 April 2016