Montenegro: Prosecutor opens investigation against former official

Special Public Prosecutor’s Office has opened another in a series of preliminary investigations against former official of DPS Svetozar Marovic on suspicion of paying 450,000 Swiss francs to bribe the Swiss administration, in order to prevent arrival of evidence of his former secret multi-million account in the local HSBC Bank to Montenegro, learned the Dnevne Novine.

Svetozar Marovic

Key witness for the Prosecution new doubts is Veselin Mujovic, who was detained on suspicion of taking 800,000 Euros from Marovic to provide him better treatment in prosecutor’s investigations.

According to reliable information of the Dnevne Novine, Mujovic told in detail how he conceived and executed the alleged bribery campaign in Switzerland.

“Mujovic said that he was personally involved in all this, and that the transfer of the money and the main meeting happened in Italy. He cited the names of other perpetrators. So far, one person has been questioned and confirmed his thesis. Recently he has been tested on a polygraph in connection with this case, and the analysis has shown that he was telling the truth,” said a reliable source .

Cherna Gora

8 August, 2016