Montenegro: Lazar Radjenovic, former mayor of Budva, to pay 30.000 and serve 18 months in prison

Higher court in Podgorica reached a verdict yesterday by which the defendant Lazar Radjenovic was convicted to 18 months in prison and a 30.000 euros fine which he has to pay into the budget of Montenegro within a one month deadline.

Lazar Radjenovic, former mayor of Budva

The verdict became official yesterday. Radjenovic also signed an agreement in which he agreed to spend half a year in prison for involvement in cases WTC (construction of wastewater cleaning system) and Kopirajt. The hearing for the second deal has not been scheduled yet, it was reported by Dnevne newspaper.

Radjenovic was arrested on 13th of July last year with 12 associates under suspicion of conspiring in affairs “TQ Plaza“ and “Jaz“ and causing multi-million damage to Budva municipality.

Prosecution also opened “case Prijevor” in Budva where the damage for the budget was 1.400.000 euros. Lazar Radjenovic is among suspects in this case too.

However, the “case Prijevor” didn’t mark the end of prosecution cases against Lazar Radjenovic.

Soon after that another case was filed for corruption in the business of construction of wastewater cleaning system. After he was charged in this case too, Radjenovic offered to make a deal with the Special prosecutor to confess the guilt.

In all of the affairs he’s accused of abusing public administration position and obtaining personal gain via corruption. Lazar Radjenovic is already convicted, but not with full legal effect, in “case Kosljun”.


2 August, 2016