Moldovan anti-corruption officers detain Orhei mayor for 72 hours

Orhei mayor Ilan Shor on 22 June was arrested for 72 hours by anti-corruption officers on a new criminal case for swindle in very large proportions and money laundering. Prosecutor Adriana Betisor made statements to this effect.


“This is a new criminal file opened for bank fraud, namely criminal offense of swindle in very large proportions and money laundering. Preventive measure of arrest was applied, as we have information got from abroad from counterpart authorities of Latvia and other states, financial and economic analyses, proving the guilt of the defendant. I would like to mention that Sor was not detained in the criminal file in which the former PM Vlad Filat is charged,”  Betisor also said.

Ilan Shor’s lawyer Denis Ulianov said that these actions were illegal, as new information had not been presented, which would prove his guilt, and “Prosecutor’s Office acts under pressure of events, which have been widely publicized in media over the last period, and not according to evidence, which would prove the charges”.

“We are sure that the judges will not accept the petition, as it contradicts the factual and legal circumstances of the case. Ilan Shor actively cooperated with criminal investigation body, made all necessary statements. The prosecutor’s office is guided by certain emotions of the society and not by evidence and facts” Ulianov said.

The prosecutor’s general office started a criminal investigation against Ilan Sor in December 2014 on dubious transactions between the Savings Bank (Banca de economii, BEM) and Banca Sociala ( Social Bank), when Shor was holding the position of head of the BEM administration board. In February 2015, the anti-corruption officers conducted searches at the banks’ headquarters and at Shor’s home. In May 2015, the businessman was under house arrest for 30 days, with the status of accused person in the BEM file.


23 June 2016