Moldova: Two arrested for bribery

The first one has claimed 10 000 dollars from a citizen to influence a court decision. The man had said that he would have some influence on judges of Râşcani District Court and Court of Appeal, and that he can influence them to take a favorable decision in his criminal case.


The man was detained yesterday, while he was receiving the first installment of 2000 dollars of the total amount. The operation took place under NAC’s control and the suspect was arrested for a period of 72 hours. A criminal case was initiated on his name for influence peddling, and if found guilty, he faces up to six years in prison.

Also yesterday, a man from the southern side of the country was detained after he allegedly claimed 400 euros and 400 lei from a man from Comrat, to help him obtain a driver’s license.

According to the informer, the suspect would have promised to influence the committee members of Vehicle Registration and Drivers Qualification Directorate from Comrat and help him obtain the driving license, category B, without taking the exams.

The man was caught red-handed while receiving bribe, and his accomplice was  announced in the search. According to the press officer of the NAC, Victoria Timus, the suspect is retired. Currently, the suspect is in NAC’s remand.

Crime Moldova 
27 January 2017

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