Moldova: Shor case – the prosecutors are demanding 19 years of detention

The Anticorruption prosecutors have demanded Ilan Shor’s sentencing to 19 years in prison with execution and deprivation of the right to hold positions of responsibility in the financial-banking field for a 5-year term. The action was taken at the hearing on Tuesday, June 20th, after the completion of the judicial inquiry and the initiation of the judicial debates.

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Shor’s lawyers claim that the term is unjustified, given their client’s cooperation with the criminal prosecution body and self-disclosure. They are due to present their arguments at the next meeting, which will take place on June 21, the arguments that discourage Shor. The defenders also claim that the defense strategy is built precisely on their client’s collaboration with the investigation, and that Shor has revealed acts of corruption and high-level scams.

Present at the meeting, Ilan Shor said he disagrees with the prosecutor’s sentence because thanks to him, the former prime minister, Vlad Filat was sentenced.

The last witness of the defense was to be heard today, but he did not follow the summons. The attorneys, at the request of which he was invited, argue that he is either not in the country or does not want to testify.

Two days later, on June 22, the term of one year of detention of Mr Shor in custody expires, and if the court fails to pronounce a conviction, it will be required to release him.

Ilan Shor is accused of a more than 5 billion scam lei from Savings Bank from 04.11.2014 to 25.11.2014, which he would have laundered through dozens of off-shore companies, an amount confirmed by the first KROLL report.

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28 June 2017

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