Moldova: National Agency for Food Safety raided: A head of the institution and a trader detained in a corruption case

Vitalie Chilaru, head of the Leuseni Phytosanitary Control Station under the National Agency for Food Safety (ANSA), has been detained for systematic collection of money from various traders. A representative of an economic agent, who systematically offered money to the official, was detained along with the head of the Phytosanitary Control Station.


According to the NAC, Vitalie Chilaru ordered the veterinary surgeons and phytosanitary doctors subordinated to him to create unfounded impediments for the economic agents importing food products to Moldova in order to determine them to ask for his personal help. Subsequently, after discussing with the traders, the official requested them to pay him various sums of money to solve the problem.

Moreover, it was established that the official regularly received different amounts of money for each food products batch, imported during the week through the Leuseni customs station, as well as through the customs posts of Tudora and Criva.

Thus, a criminal case for active corruption was initiated against the suspect, as there is evidence of systematical collection of payments from a number of traders. The payments were made in the form of “salaries” or “protection fees”, precious gifts, etc.

The official will also be investigated for illicit enrichment.

Currently, the head of the phytosanitary control station is detained for 72 hours and is in the custody of the NAC. Also today, one of the representatives of the economic agent, who regularly paid bribes, was detained. The latter is being investigated for active corruption.

08 September 2017

Crime Moldova

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