Moldova: Former Straseni commissar, detained by the NAC after claiming 13,500 euros

The former head of the Straseni Police Inspectorate was detained by NAC (National Anticorruption Committee) officers and anti-corruption prosecutors for passive corruption. He would have claimed 3,500 euros, and later another 10,000 euros, from a woman whose husband was investigated for hooliganism, assuring her that he could help him escape prosecution.


According to the NAC, the former commissar had claimed the money to change the preventive measure of arrest from cell detention to house arrest, and then the final settlement of the case.

The anticorruption officers and prosecutors have carried out several searches today in this criminal case, at police officers’ residencies and offices, suspected of having acted in complicity with the main suspect. At the same time, the people of the law descended at the residency of the former commissar.

Following the searches, telephones and other means of communication were raised. Currently, two people are heard and the former head of PI Straseni has already been placed in the NAC isolator.

A criminal prosecution for passive corruption was initiated on this matter. If found guilty, the former commissar risks up to 15 years in prison.

The law enforcement sources told CrimeMoldova that it is about the commissar Petru Scoarță. He was dismissed from the position of PI Străşeni on May 2, by an order signed by Alexandru Pînzari, the head of the IGP, after a number of thefts were committed in a district.

Scoarță  was investigated with regard to the case of the 14-year-old minor from Straseni, Cristina Parhomenco, who was cruelly murdered by four other minors. The investigation had been initiated to determine whether the Straseni Police Inspectorate officers had fulfilled their service obligations promptly and immediately. Initially, Scoarță  was suspended from office, and after finishing the investigation, he was disciplined with relegation.

17 August 2017
Crime Moldova

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