Moldova: Former Deputy Minister of Economy to be sued. Triboi risks a six-year-prison term

valeriu triboi

The case of the former Deputy Minister of Economy has been sent to court. If found guilty, Triboi will have to serve up to six years of imprisonment and return 2.5 million lei to the state.

The case of the former Deputy Minister of Economy, Valeriu Triboi, in which he is accused of abuse of power and causing large-scale damages to the state, has been sent to court.

Thus, in the period of 2014-2016, through third parties, Triboi bought a building worth 1 million lei from Moldtelecom JSC, founded by the Ministry of Economy, and subsequently leased the building for ten years to the Northern Power Supply. Abusing of his office, Triboi ordered the decision-makers of the company to repair the leased building at their own expense, although 4 million lei had been allocated to repair the building.
At the same time, the North Power Supply Company, which repaired the building on its own money, was to pay its rental fee, worth a bit less than 50000 lei per year.

Anticorruption prosecutors ruled to stop the prosecution of the persons, subordinated to the deputy minister or dependent on him, as they executed his orders, being unaware of the illegal nature of his orders, made to achieve a personal material interest.
Currently, Valeriu Triboi is under house arrest and if found guilty, he is liable to a fine or imprisonment of up to six years, in both cases with deprivation of the right to hold certain positions, or to perform certain activities for a period of 5 to 10 years.
Moreover, the prosecutors filed a civil action against the former deputy minister, aiming at the recovery of the damages amounting to over 2 500 000 lei. The money will be recovered from Triboi, if he is found guilty.

Valeriu Triboi has been involved in several schemes with real estate facilities, including a residential complex in the Schinoasei neighborhood and an illegally acquired construction business that left more citizens without flats for which they paid in advance. More details on this can be found in the investigation, carried out by CrimeMoldova.

04 August 2017

Crime Moldova

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