Moldova: Ex-MP Chiril Lucinschi risks up to 10 years of imprisonment for money laundering

On August 1st, the Anti-Corruption Prosecution Office of Moldova announced about finishing the investigation of former MP Chiril Lucinschi and the submission of his case to the court.

chiril lucinschi

According to the press-release of Moldova’s Prosecution Office, Toast Delux SRL, which Lucinschi is a beneficiary of, got a loan of 5 million lei from the later-failed Unibank in 2013 and then transferred USD401650 to a company group out of the country, and finally, to the accounts of Rouseau Alliance LP, which consequently pays back the loan to later-failed Banca de Economii.

Moreover, during 2012-2014, several off-shore companies transferred some 440 thousand US dollars to IPA International Project Agency. It was reportedly proven later that the funds originate from the fraudulent loans from BEM, Unibank and Banca Socială through off-shore firms.

The prosecutors might demand up to 10 years of imprisonment for Lucinschi’s alleged money laundering and not declaring ownership.

Chiril Lucinschi, was arrested by the Anti-Corruption Center and the Anti-Corruption Prosecution Office on May 25th. Lucinschi is accused, together with three representatives of a company, of money laundering from Banca de Economii (BEM), Banca Socială and Unibank.

Chiril Lucinschi, son of the second President of the independent Moldova Petru Lucinschi, has been a Liberal-Democrat deputy since December 2010. He left the Parliament in February 2017 and ceded 75% of shares at TV7 to an association of journalists.

02 August 2017

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