Moldova: Eight customs officers and border guards to be prosecuted for corruption

Eight customs inspectors from the Leuseni Customs Point and a staff member of the Border Police Department will be tried for passive corruption for receiving money from bus drivers, who transported passengers across the country to leave unnoticed the violations found in their activities. Prosecutors have completed criminal investigations and referred the case to court.


According to the General Prosecutor’s Office, in the period of 2014 -2016, the defendants requested and received sums between 50 and 250 euros from bus drivers, who transported passengers outside the country on the basis of Interbus permit. In exchange for the money, the defendants did not draw any acts for the violations of passenger transportation rules under the Interbus permit and allowed them to continue their routes. In cases where there number of passengers exceeded the permitted limit, they recorded them as pedestrians or passengers of other means of transport. Moreover, they did not collect in full the mandatory taxes on the customs clearance of the goods brought into the territory of the country.

Earlier, anticorruption prosecutors had sent criminal cases against three other customs inspectors of the Leuseni Customs and a customs inspector of the Sculeni Customs for similar criminal offenses.

If found guilty, they are liable to a fine of up to 100,000 lei and deprivation of the right to hold certain public positions, or to perform certain activities for up to 5 years.

15 August 2017

Crime Moldova

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