Moldova: Deputy Director of Center for Forensic Medicine, imprisoned for 25 days

The current deputy director of the Center for Forensic Medicine (CML), Andrei Padure, investigated on charges of acting ultra vires, has been placed under preventive arrest for 25 days. The decision was taken on Friday, August 11, by the magistrates of the Buiucani District Court of Chisinau.

The decision to apply the measure of arrest was taken at the request of anticorruption prosecutors. Thus, Andrei Padure is to spend 25 days in Penitentiary Institution No. 13 of Chisinau.

Also yesterday, the former director of the Center for Forensic Medicine, Ion Cuvsinov, investigated in the same case, was placed in custody for 30 days.

It should be mentioned that three days ago, prosecutors and anticorruption officers detained Andrei Padure, Ion Cuvsinov and another expert of the institution, involved in the case, related to the acquisition of equipment for DNA testing laboratory. The three persons are suspected of having rigged the auction for the acquisition of equipment for the laboratory where DNA tests were to be conducted. According to the prosecutors, the illegal actions of the suspects have caused the state budget damage of about 10 million lei.

Currently, investigations in this case continue and more people are to be heard.

16 August 2017
Crime Moldova

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