Moldova: Anticorruption Flash Mob in the Parliament Square

An anticorruption Flash Mob was organized today in the Parliament Square. Several social active young people from national youth organizations and local initiative groups, involved in in conducting anticorruption awareness campaigns for the past two years, came out with an original way of communicating the “Discourage the corruption by denouncing it” to citizens.


By this event, the National Anticorruption Line (NAC) was promoted and concealment of corruption acts was discouraged. 0 800 55555 is a free of charge phone number, active 24/24 hours, 7 days per week, by which citizens may notify the National Anticorruption Center about corruption cases.

The event’s video material will be further edited and distributed via social media networks, youth organizations websites, national TV channels. The video spot will focus on the need to involve youth in prevention of corruption as well as in notification of specialized institutions in case of a corruption act.

At the same time, such flashmobs will take place in other localities, to increase the level of NAC’s credibility and encourage citizens to engage more actively in the prevention of corruption.

The event is part of an awareness campaign initiated by NAC aiming to encourage the participation of citizens in preventing and combating acts of corruption through information, advocacy and awareness.

This action is supported by the United Nations Development Programme in Moldova, under the “Strengthening the Corruption Prevention and Analysis Functions of the National Anticorruption Center” project, funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

UNDP Moldova
National Anticorruption Centre of Republic of Moldova (Romanian language)
18 October 2016
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