Macedonia Corruption 101: Government Official Spends 100,000 Euros (twice) to "Analyze" Framework Agreement

Macedonia’s Secreteriat for implementing the Framework Agreement had once again selected a company named “Tag Komunikacii” to develop qualitative study for implementing the framework agreement. The value of the deal is 100,000 euros. This is the same company that received 100,000 euros for the same analysis two years ago.


For two years, Tag Komunikacii has not provided any sort of document of what its findings were when it received the first 100,000 euros, MINA finds.

Macedonia’s Vice Premier Musa Xhaferi (Gruevski’s deputy!) hastily announced the results will be shown in December, but in meanwhile, he spent additional 100,000 euros of taxpayers money.  Gazmend Ajdini, the owner of Tag Komunikacii which brands itself as a “marketing” company, stated the additional 100,000 euros were received to analyze and support the analysis from two years ago.

 – No this is not a new analysis, rather to organize events, forums, conferences, research, translations of materials etc. 100,000 euros is the maximum we can get. We won the contract because we were the only company that bidded for it – stated Ajdini.  Unfortunately, Ajdini’s statement completely contradicts the description of the contract on the Government’s website. It clearly states the bid is for a qualitative analysis of the implementation of the framework agreement, something the Government already spent 100,000 euros.

Similarly to the contract in 2013, Tag Komunikacii once again is the only company that bids and wins it. Ajdini is very close to the DUI leadership, so this appears to be a perfect way for DUI to pocket 200,000 euros from the country’s budget, for what appears to be non existent studies and qualitative analysis.


02 October 2015