Macedonia: Commission for the Prevention of Corruption will investigate DUI funding

The State Commission for the Prevention of Corruption will check the funding of DUI (The Democratic Union for Integration) after the non-governmental “Transparency International-Macedonia” announced suspicious donations to Ali Ahmeti’s party. According to the organization, “Macedonian Post”, “Airports of Macedonia” and “Macedonian Railways-Infrastructure” appear on the list of donors of DUI for the last year, which is contrary to the laws on prevention of corruption and for financing of political parties.


Following the Transparency appeal, the Anti-Corruption Commission informed the Prosecution about this because of suspicion of misuse of budget funds.

From there they received a reply that after reviewing and analyzing the obtained data, the Ministry of Finance and the State Audit Office found that the suspicions raised in the complaint were established and that the collected documentation derives from facts and circumstances that point to a violation of the provisions of the Law on Financing political parties and the Law on Prevention of Corruption that prohibit the use of budget funds, funds from public funds and funds from public enterprises for financing election activity, or other political activity. “The State Commission for the Prevention of Corruption submitted the documentation that gives rise to these suspicions to the Public Prosecutor’s Office Skopje, which is in charge of further investigation of this information,” Transparency International-Macedonia said.

22 February 2018


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