Macedonia: “Colourful Revolution” Announces New Protest for Monday at 19:00

The “Colourful Revolution” has announced a new protest, on Monday, and it begins outside the Special Prosecutor’s Office at 19:00.


The “Colourful Revolution” in a statement on their official Facebook page, it says that the fight for justice continues, and they are involving themselves into finding a solution and a way out to the current political crisis.

“Justice is being seriously threatened. I protest! The Constitutional Court is under siege from the party. I protest to this! Gruevski and Ivanov have threatened the citizens. I protest! The government wants to negotiate in secret. I protest! The government does not want to listen to what the citizens have to say. I protest. I protest together with the “Colourful Revolution” on Monday ( 27th June) at 19:00, outside our fortress – the SPO! The fight for justice continues! Their crimes will no longer just pass us by! We have protested for 80 days with thousands of fellow comrades! Together, we prevented the pardoned politicians, together we prevented another set of illegal elections! Our friends are free! We will continue to get involved in solving the crisis!” Say’s the announcement for Monday’s protest.

The last protest organised by activists and supporters of the civil movements “I protest” and the “Colourful Revolution” was held last Monday. The protest turned out to be a mass protest, one of the largest so far, thousands of citizens attended.


25 June 2016