Macedonia: Anti-Corruption Committee begins procedures against the Government for violating the Electoral Code

The State Committee for Prevention of Corruption decided to initiate three anti-corruption cases against institutions who fired, suspended or initiated procedures against their employees, even after the municipal elections were declared. The Electoral Code bans dismissals and appointments of public sector employees and officials in the run up to the elections.

Two of the instances are initiated against the General Secretariat of the Government and the Government’s Secretary General Dragi Raskovski. “Raskovski sent selective requests demanding the termination of officials employed in the Government. According to the information of 32 petitioners, the Disciplinary Committee was supposed to meet on August 18th and to discuss the proposals”, said Igor Tanurovski from the Anti-Corruption Committee. This, Tanurovski said, is in violation with the Electoral Code which prevents firing of public officials ahead of the elections to limit the ability of the Government to influence voters.

Another petitioner separately appealed to the Anti-Corruption Committee, saying that he was fired from his job at the General Secretariat of the Government after the elections were declared.

In the third instance, a former director of the Employment Agency for the city of Skopje appealed to the Committee saying that she was suspended from work following a disciplinary procedure in which she was demoted five levels down the administrative chain. This also happened in the run up to the municipal elections.

30 August 2017


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