B&H Lawyer: Dodik suspected of money laundering

Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik is suspected of money laundering in the case led by BiH Prosecutor’s Office, lawyer Dusko Tomic has said.

State Investigation and Protection Agency searched premises of Pavlovic Bank several days ago within this investigation. Tomic is lawyer of Bank’s owner Slobodan Pavlovic and said his client is only a witness in this case. Tomic told media that raid was related to the purchase of Dodik’s villa in Belgrade in 2007. “Documentation that was taken relates to the purchase of the villa and loan approved by the Bank for that purpose. Prosecution qualifies this case as money laundering and it is a very serious investigation,” Tomic told Faktor newspaper. He added that Dodik is a suspect in this case and his client “is still a witness.”

Dodik, who was then RS Prime Minister, bought villa in Belgrade in 2007 paying 750,000 Euros in cash and later claimed he bought it with the Pavlovic Bank’s loan.
It was recently discovered that the loan to Dodik was approved only a year later. It is suspected that he used this false loan to cover the origin of the money.

Bosnia Today 

07 January 2016