Kosovo: Unemployment and corruption are the main problems

Corruption, high level of unemployment, weak performance by the government, are the main problems that citizens of Kosovo face today.

Based on a survey conducted by Speak movement, around 52,8% of people in Kosovo consider unemployment as the main problem, while 39% believe that corruption is one of the main problems.
Around 34% of citizens believe that the weak performance of the government is one of the main problems in the country.
As far as corruption in institutions is concerned, 40% of the citizens believe that the highest level of corruption exists within the government, 27,9% believe that the highest level of corruption is exists within political parties, while 26% believe that the highest level of corruption exists in the judicial system.
Around 32% of the citizens have admitted that they have offered bribes for services in public institutions.
Meanwhile, British ambassador to Kosovo, Ruairi O’Connell, declared that officials in Kosovo have pledged that they will fight corruption, but results do now show any progress.
“Fight against corruption must take place from within institutions. It’s unacceptable for officials to be involved in scandals and the fact that measures are not being taken. The future of Kosovo depends on the rule of law”, O’Connell said.

Independent Balkan News Agency
15 September 2015