Kosovo*: New Justice Minister move to amend Law on confiscating illicit assets

Newly appointed minister of Justice, Abelard Tahiri, has initiated amendment/supplement of the legislation related to confiscation of illegally obtained assets.



Tahiri announced that he already started work on amending/supplementing current Law on confiscation of illegally obtained assets, while attending a workshop in Pristina related to managing of illegally sequestered and confiscated assets. “I have already started working on amending/supplementing the legislation in place related to confiscation of illicit assets and in a near future I will proceed to the Government of Kosovo* these amendments and I am fully convinced that Kosovo* MPs will support and approve these amendments,” said Tahiri noting that rule of law in Kosovo* remains his top priority.

He also promised that conclusions drawn during the workshop on confiscation of illegally obtained assets will be integrated in his working plan. Tahiri also stated that fighting organised crime and corruption remains priority for the Government of Kosovo*, noting that regional cooperation is crucial when it comes to fighting organised crime. The workshop in Pristina is attended by representatives of Kosovo*, Macedonia, Albania, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Croatia. The two-day workshop is organised by TAIEX and the Agency for administration of the assets obtained illegally.

19 September 2017

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