Kosovo Agency to Audit Mustafa's, Thaci's, Assets

Kosovo’s Anti-Corruption agency will audit the asset declarations of the President and Prime Minister, following a draw that determines which public officials are to undergo scrutiny.


During the draw of Kosovo Anti-Corruption Agency. Photo courtesy by AKK

The declared assets of Kosovo Prime Minister Isa Mustafa and President Hashim Thaci are to become the subject of a financial investigation by the Kosovo Anti-Corruption Agency. The anti-corruption body held its annual draw last week and announced that among other high officials, Mustafa and Thaci would have their assets audited.

By law, 20 per cent of public officials obliged to file their annual declarations of assets are selected for further auditing – a procedure which is done through a draw. As a result of this year’s draw, the agency will also audit the declarations of Hejredin Kuci, Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Justice, and three other vice ministers.

The assets of Pristina Mayor Shpend Ahmeti and of the Mayor of Leposavic, Dragan Jabllanoviq, along with those of several MPs, will also be subject to auditing. The director of the anti-corruption agency, Hasan Preteni, said criminal charges will be filed against all officials who do not declare their assets or have inconsistencies in their declarations.

“We have published lists of all officials who declared their assets and of those who didn’t,” Preteni said, adding that 99 per cent of officials had complied with the regulation.

According to the anti-corruption body, over 99 per cent of public officials have declared their assets, accounting for 4,319 declarations out of a total of 4,352, and 805 public officials’ declarations will be audited. The declarations of assets made at the beginning of 2016 cover the previous year.

According to the statements, Thaci’s earnings grew in 2015. His assets total 764,000 euros, which is 16,000 euros more than the last declaration. Real estate assets, worth 697,000 euros, amount for most of the President’s wealth.

His declared yearly income was more than 32,000 euros, while his wife’s income was set at 18,000 euros. The combined yearly income of the President and his wife was thus more than 52,000 euros, with an increase of 20,000 euros compared to their previous declaration.

Mustafa’s declaration of assets shows that he owns more than 681,000 euros, which was around 6,000 euros less than on his previous statement. Mustafa’s real estate accounts to 503,000 euros – the same figure as the previous declaration.

The Prime Minister also declared 80,000 euros-worth of shares, or 16 per cent of the total shares, in a private educational institution, Riinvest College. The Prime Minister’s cash assets in banks are a total of 52,000 euros, a decrease of 20,000 euros from his previous declaration. His annual yearly income was more than 46,000 euros, an increase of more than 14,000 euros on his previous declaration.

While the executive powers of the Kosovo Anti-Corruption Agency are limited to auditing and reporting, it can take specific cases to the Prosecution, which then can decide whether to raise indictments.

Balkan Insight

21 June 2016