KNOCH: Kosovo has good laws, lacks its implementation

The government and the institutions of Kosovo are determined to European integration and building a rule of law and the fight against corruption remains a priority.


This is what PM Isa Mustafa said at the launch of the project against economic crime in Kosovo.

“Kosovo institutions have made significant steps towards economic development, rule of law, fight against terrorism and radicalism. These are achievements that were made together with the European Union,” said Mustafa.

Minister of Justice, Hajredin Kuçi, on the other hand noted that the ongoing reforms in the rule of law and fight against corruption remain a priority of Kosovo’s institutions on its course towards the EU.

“Corruption is more than a crime, it is a war that we have to fight for our country,” he said.

Meanwhile Thomas Knoch from the EU Office said that the corruption and money laundering were difficult issues.  Kosovo has good laws, but it lacks effective implementation.

“Corruption and money laundering are the cancer of society and it needs to come to an end,” Knoch said.


26 May 2016