GRECO Head Marin Mrcela Says Macedonia Has Implemented All Recommendations

Marin Mrcela, head of the Group of States against Corruption (GRECO) organization, said that Macedonia has implemented GRECO recommendations, and there is no need to believe that will not be the case in the future.


During his visit to Macedonia, Mrcela spoke at the “Pavel Satev” Academy for Judges and Prosecutors, and said the report on Macedonia will be up for discussion in late June.

“I know that Macedonia received a number of recommendations, and we are now discussing some of them, in the part of preventing corruption among members of Parliament, judges and prosecutors. The more recommendations are implemented, the better”, Mrcela said, adding that other countries, such as his Croatia, was faced with delays in implementing the GRECO recommendations, but they nevertheless remain key to EU accession progress.

Aneta Arnaudova, head of the “Pavel Satev” academy, said that Macedonia has implemented major reforms in aligning its anti-­corruption legislation with European standards.

She opened the two-day conference that will include judges, lawyers, prosecutors and members of the Anti­Corruption Commission that will examine Croatia’s experiences.


18 May 2016