Former Romanian MP Sebastian Ghita spotted and arrested in Belgrade

Sebastian Ghita, the controversial businessman and former MP, was detained in Belgrade, Serbia, according to a statement of the Romanian Police.
Sebastian Ghita
Ghita had been missing since late December 2016 and authorities in Romania have issued to preventive arrest warrants on his name. The businessman is tried and prosecuted for corruption in several files.
“As a result of the complex investigation and the intelligence provided by the Special Operations Department and the Criminal Investigation Department of the Romanian Police, during this night, in Belgrade, the defendant Ghita Sebastian Aurelian was located and detained. When asked to identify himself, he presented fake documents with the markings of an EU member states. At present there is an ongoing legal procedure taking place for such cases,” said the Romania’s General Police Inspectorate (IGPR).
According to Romanian broadcaster TVR, Ghita was caught during a join police stint of Romanian and Serbian police forces. The businessman was supposed to meet with his brother in Belgrade.
Since March, Ghita is investigated by anti-graft prosecutors in a new case involving the IT company Teamnet.
According to a statement by the DNA, Ghita received between 2007 and 2014, for contracts awarded by institutions and public authorities to companies active in the IT sector amounts comprised between EUR 3 and EUR 10 million. The former politician received the money by means of fictitious commercial transactions via SC International SRL and SC Asesoft International SA. Until 2012, Ghita was the representative of companies SC International SRL and SC Asesoft International SA.
Ghita’s extradition to Romania will depend on the legal process in Serbia, according to Carmen Dan, the Minister of Interior.
Business Review
14 April 2017
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