EU Commission to give Ukraine 15 million euros for fighting corruption

Ukraine is worried that Brexit will affect its relations with the EU, since the United Kingdom was one of the countries most inclined to a tough attitude towards Russia. EU Neighbourhood and Enlargement Commissioner Johannes Hahn went to Kiev (Monday and Tuesday) to reassure about EU’s commitment to help Ukraine and to announce that the European Commission plans to allocate EUR 15 million to Ukraine for fighting against corruption.


Hahn noted the EU will keep supporting Ukraine if the country demonstrates progress in key sectors, which are constantly on the mutual agenda. Those key sectors include the fight against corruption, the judicial system, prosecutor’s office, law enforcement, civil service as well as the energy sector.

“In that context, the EU will continue to support Ukraine. The situation should be stabilized in the country, and in the coming days the European Commission will adopt the programme to help eradicate corruption in Ukraine. The programme will relate to all bodies fighting corruption in Ukraine”, Hahn stated.

On Monday, The European Union also allocated EUR 3 million to assist Ukraine in carrying out projects as part of the 2020 Agriculture Development Strategy, Deputy Agrarian Policy and Food Minister Vladyslava Rutytska announced.

“The project is designed for three years. The European Commission will provide technical assistance and help in the implementation of the 2020 Strategy. The project is worth EUR 3 million,” Rutytska said. She noted that the implementation of the 2020 Strategy would require an investment of USD 300 million.

New Europe 

12 July 2016