Corruption: Spain, Greece and Cyprus on the top in Europe

According to a new report by the European Commission, the extent of corruption across Europe is “breathtaking”, costing the EU economy at least 120 billion euro every year. The Commission, as Statista website reports, said it was the first time it has done a survey like this and the results are certainly interesting.
Respondents across the European Union were asked if they are “personally affected by corruption in daily life”, among other questions. At the top of the scale, 63% of people in both Spain and Greece agreed that they are affected by daily corruption. In Cyprus, the figure was 57%.
According to the views of those polled, the least corrupt countries in the European Union are Denmark, France and Germany.
Just 3% of Danes feel they are affected by corruption in daily life and this figure rises slightly to 6% in both France and Germany.
ANSAmed                   April 30, 2015