Constructor of demolished highway in Romania, in corruption scandal in Italy

The Financial Guard of Italy has started a massive investigation in the country on rigged tenders for large infrastructure projects.


One of the companies targeted by the investigation is constructor Salini Impregilo, which built the segment 3 of the Sibiu-Orastie in Romania. Part of this highway segment was demolished one year after the inauguration due to structural problems and had to be rebuilt.

The press in Italy wrote that there have been tens of arrests so far in this case. Over 30 people are investigated, for charges such as corruption, blackmail, or the creation of an organized criminal group. Among those arrested is the general director for international operations of Salini Impregilo, reports local

In Romania, the Italian constructor won two contracts for the third segment of the Sibiu-Orastie highway and for the second segment of the Lugoj-Deva highway. The first project got into the attention of Romania’s National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) after the portion between Saliste and Cunta had been closed one year after the inauguration and partially demolished following irregularities. The segment was reopened on October 10, after the state roads company repaired it.

Romania Insider

31 October 2016

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