Bulgaria parliament doesn’t pass anti-corruption draft bill

Bulgaria’s National Assembly did not pass Wednesday the anti-corruption draft bill tabled by Deputy Prime Minister for European Policies Coordination and Institutional Affairs Meglena Kuneva,FOCUS News Agency reported.


78 MPs with mandate-holder Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria (CEDB) and its coalitional partner, the Reformist Bloc (RB), voted in favour of the document.
38 lawmakers with the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) voted it down, while 1 abstained.
33 MPs with the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) voted the draft bill voted the draft bill down, too.
11 MPs with the Patriotic Front and 2 with the Bulgarian Democratic Centre (BDC) voted the document down, while 5 abstained.
10 MPs with Ataka party and 10 legislators with the Alternative for Bulgarian Revival (ABV) also voted in down.
The anti-corruption draft bill envisaged the establishment of a National Bureau on Prevention of Corruption, which was to perform checks into the property of senior officials and conflicts of interest they might be involved in.
The Bureau was to unite and develop the functions of the Commission for Prevention and Ascertainment of Conflict of Interest, the Centre for Prevention and Combating Corruption and Organised Crime (BORKOR), and the directorate of the National Audit Office in charge of collecting and checking property declarations.
The draft bill was criticized during the plenary debates not only by the opposition but also by MPs with the Patriotic Front and the ABV.

Focus Information Agency
3 September 2015