Bulgaria: According to AFIS, 58% of Bulgarians believe that Corruption is Growing

The Bulgarian Agency for Social and Marketing Surveys (AFIS) recalls that since spring, there has been a sharp increase in the publicly visible fight against corruption in particularly large proportions. AFIS conducted the survey between November 30 and December 4, 2018. 1010 adults are interviewed directly in their homes.

On the question, “Do you expect they will be sentenced?” 59% of the respondents are skeptical that at least one of the investigated persons will  be convicted. 30% of the respondents expect only some of them to be sentenced. Only 6% are of the opinion that everyone will be convicted. On the question “Do you think corruption in Bulgaria grows, diminishes or remains at the same level?”, 58%of the respondents answered that it was growing, and five times less – 11%, it was decreasing, 32% said it remained same level.

The reasons for this paradoxical reaction can be found in various aspects: assessment of justice, political bias, opinion on social inequality in the country. Only 20% trust the judiciary as a whole, while 68% do not trust it.Moreover, on the request to point to two areas where corruption is strongest, 43% refer to justice, 34% – customs, 24% – healthcare, 19% – police, 17% – political parties, 17% – ministry administration, 10% – municipal administrations, 8% – state companies, 6% – education and 2% – other spheres.

13 December 2018
novinite.com- Sofia News Agency

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