All of Romania’s public institutions to post financial reports online by mid-August

All 13,700 public institutions in Romania registered on the Ministry of Finance’s platform of budgetary transparency will use all the system’s facilities and fully disclose their budgets by August 15, said Finance Minister Anca Dragu.

Romania’s Finance Minister Anca Dragu

Some 10,000 public institutions are currently active on this platform. This means they publish their periodical financial reports and register their contracts, but all 13,700 will do the same thing in about one month, reports local

The project was launched in March and comprises data about all public institutions in Romania, from kindergartens to ministries.

In April, the Ministry of Finance announced that it had uploaded to the platform the files of the 13,700 public institutions included in the database. Thus, users can find information such as the full name, tax identification code, the treasury where the institution opened its accounts, the mailing address, and the type of activity the institution performs.

New platform allows Romanians to see how public institutions spend their money.

Romania Insider

13 July 2016