A cooperation agreement on preventing and combating corruption was signed between the Moldovan and Romanian Governments

A Cooperation Agreement on Prevention and Combating Corruption was concluded in Chisinau between the Government of Moldova and Romania.

The document was signed by the director of the National Anticorruption Center, Bogdan Zumbreanu, and the Secretary of State of the Romanian Ministry of Internal Affairs, Gheorghe Nucu Marin. The agreement provides for the strengthening of the cooperation relations between the two governments and the creation of an interaction mechanism in the field of preventing and combating corruption. The document also sets out the possibility of exchanging experts to identify best practices in the fight against corruption, intensifying the exchange of data and operative information, and increasing the number of joint investigation.



According to the CNA Director Bogdan Zumbreanu, the signing of the Agreement will be an important step in strengthening the cooperation relations in the field of security at the EU border, as well as the development of EU initiatives such as the Eastern Partnership and the European Neighborhood Policy.


20 December 2018


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