9 December: International Anticorruption Day

The 9th of December marks the fourteenth International Anticorruption Day, established for the first time in October 2003 after the adoption of the United Nation Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC). 


Corruption poses a direct threat to society: it undermines the rule of law and citizens’ confidence in public institutions. It is also one of the most difficult forms of crime to eradicate. The presence of corruption is particularly dangerous for countries in transition or with weak democratic institutions. 

The Regional Anti-Corruption Initiative (RAI) acts as a platform through which governments of the South-East Europe combine their efforts to help curb corruption in the region. RAI fosters the fight against corruption by building upon existing actions through better co-ordination of all efforts and by relying on high-level political commitment. With the understanding of the European perspective of the region’s future, RAI seeks to promote closer integrative links and common European values in regard of good governance.

RAI Secretariat

09 December 2016