15 judges arrested by Moldova Prosecution Office in the Russian Laundromat case

On September 20th, the head of the Anti-corruption Prosecution Office, Viorel Morari, announced about the arrest of 15 former or acting judges and 3 court bailiffs, together with the officers of the National Anti-corruption Center (CNA). Besides the 18 court officials, another judge and one bailiff were searched at their homes and included in the investigation.


“The Anti-corruption Prosecution Office, together with officers of CNA, conducted a series of penal investigation actions in courts and some searches at the residences of the given persons. Totally, 20 people were involved- 16 judges and 4 bailiffs. The prosecutors retained 18 people, out of which 15 are judges and 3 bailiffs”, briefly explained Morari.

The prosecutor didn’t want to give any other details, saying that the investigation is under process.

Anticoruptie.md, quoting deschide.md, published the list of the arrested magistrates, reportedly involved in the Russian Laundromat:
Ștefan Niță- judge at Appeal Court;
Garri Bivol- judge at Centru Court, Chișinău;
Iurie Țurcan- former magistrate at Râșcani Court;
Liliana Andrieș- Centru Court, Chișinău;
Iurie Hârbu- Telenești Court;
Serghei Popovici- head of Comrat Court;
Gheorghe Bârnaz- magistrate at Râșcani Court;
Valeriu Gâscă- judge at Râșcani Court;
Serghei Gubenco- Comrat Court;
Serghei Lebedeniuc- Military Court;
Mihai Moraru- Ungheni Court;
Aurica Us- former magistrate at Râșcani Court;
Gheorghe Marchitan- magistate at Căușeni Court;
Gheorghe Gorun- former judge at Râșcani Court, Chișinău.
According to Deschide, one of the judges, Igor Vornicescu, was retained at the International Airport of Chișinău while trying to leave the country. Another magistrate, Victor Orândaș, wasn’t arrested because he wouldn’t be in Moldova.
AntiCorupție.MD made a scheme, explaining judges’ involvement in the Russian Laundromat.


20 September, 2016