Macedonia Plans to Ban Publishing of Wiretaps

October 7, 2015

Macedonia’s ruling parties have proposed outlawing the publication of any materials related to the illegal surveillance claims that have shaken Nikola Gruevski’s government.   Macedonia’s main ruling VMRO DPMNE party and its junior partner, the Democratic Union for Integration, DUI, on Tuesday submitted a draft law that aims to outlaw the publication and re-publication of […]

Alpine Bau Chief Probed over Albanian Highway Deal

October 6, 2015

Austrian prosecutors are reviewing evidence uncovered by BIRN about a mysterious offshore company suspected of involvement in bribing an Albanian official.   Dietmar Aluta-Oltyan Photo by: Michel Heidi / Verlagsgruppe News /   Austrian prosecutors allege that Dietmar Aluta-Oltyan, arguably the most powerful figure at the now bankrupt Austrian construction company Alpine Bau, was […]

B&H: New Power Plant on Ground Zero Project

October 6, 2015

While the dust is still settling on news that millions were wasted on a failed collaboration with Czechs in Gacko, the Republika Srpska government announces a new power project involving a Chinese firm. Nearly ten years ago a new power plant in Gacko in collaboration with Czechs was announced. It has never got off the […]

Bulgaria: Alleged ‘Cocaine King’ Makes Surprise Court Appearance, Dispels Rumors He Fled Justice

October 6, 2015

Bulgaria’s alleged ‘Cocaine King’ Evelin Banev, alias Brendo, has made a surprising appearance in a Sofia courtroom, dispelling media reports that he had left the country. After going missing for a year and a half, Brendo arrived in Sofia Appellate Court on Sept. 28 for the restart of the € 12.5 million (US$ 14 million) […]

15 Years of reforms: What worked best? Chisinau, 28 September 2015

October 5, 2015

On the occasion of 15 years of Regional Anti-corruption Initiative (RAI),in cooperation with  with National Anti-corruption Center of Moldova, RAI Secretariat organized a Regional Conference titled 15 Years of reforms: What Worked Best), in Chisinau, Moldova on September 28, 2015. More than 60 experts in the field of anti-corruption, media freedoms and justice as well […]

Croatia: Pre-election Sobering With a Tang of Sanader

October 5, 2015

Has the white swallow of enlargement turned black? This is a question that perhaps many are pondering both in the former Yugoslavia region and in Brussels, who saw Croatia as a guiding light for the rather murky process of enlargement towards South-East European countries. After the EU accepted Bulgaria and Romania unprepared and with a […]

Meta Attacks BIRN in Albanian Corruption Row

October 5, 2015

In a tense debate in parliament on the CEZ-DIA corruption allegations, Meta attacked BIRN, the law firm Clifford Chance and many others in what he called a ‘mafioso operation’ against him. Albania’s Speaker of Parliament, Ilir Meta, on Thursday angrily denied allegations of taking bribes following BIRN’s investigations into corrupt dealings involving the electricity distributor […]

Macedonia Corruption 101: Government Official Spends 100,000 Euros (twice) to “Analyze” Framework Agreement

October 5, 2015

Macedonia’s Secreteriat for implementing the Framework Agreement had once again selected a company named “Tag Komunikacii” to develop qualitative study for implementing the framework agreement. The value of the deal is 100,000 euros. This is the same company that received 100,000 euros for the same analysis two years ago. For two years, Tag Komunikacii has […]

Albania Ex-Minister Blames Sex Pictures on Revenge

October 2, 2015

Former Minister Dritan Prifti says intimate pictures circulating online have only emerged because he has accused Speaker Ilir Meta of corruption. Albanian media have published leaked photos and tape allegedly featuring a former energy minister in intimate positions with a woman, in what his supporters say is retaliation for his role in uncovering corruption. Online […]

Bosnian Serb Leader Battles Claims he Took Gold

October 2, 2015

Claims that Bosnian Serb leader Milorad Dodik once took a kilo of gold from a Russian businessman are fuelling heat in Bosnia’s Serb-dominated entity, Republika Srpska. Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik is battling accusations that he took a kilo of gold as a donation from a Russian businessman. The accusation, which he and the Russian […]