Romania’s Government plans to redefine abuse of power in criminal law

January 20, 2017

Romania’s Government plans to bring several changes to the country’s criminal laws via emergency ordinance. One such change aims to redefine abuse of power in the Penal Code, according to an emergency ordinance draft published by the Justice Ministry on Wednesday, January 19. Thus, public administration officials will be prosecuted for abuse of power only […]

Bulgaria’s Ombudsman and citizens score victory over monopolies

January 19, 2017

Bulgaria’s citizens scored a very important victory over the monopolies and the private arbitration courts, Bulgaria’s Ombudsman Maya Manolova said on Thursday at the National Assembly after the MPs adopted at a second reading amendments to the Civil Procedure Code which banned the private arbitration courts from interfering in consumer disputes. Next week those amendments […]

Council of Europe praises Georgia’s anti-corruption efforts, demands more

January 18, 2017

The Council of Europe has called on Georgia to do more to reduce corruption but did acknowledge that it has made considerable progress. The Council’s anti-corruption body, the Group of States against Corruption (GRECO), today (17 January) welcomed positive developments in the South Caucasus country of 3.7 million. It praised the introduction of a monitoring mechanism […]

Moldova Survey: Fight against corruption, one of main events of 2016

January 17, 2017

Number of Moldovans who say that they live worse than previous year is in heavy decrease. On the other side, the percentage of persons saying that in 2016 had better living conditions than in 2015 is increasing. And the fight against corruption is named as one of the main events of the year, shows the most […]

Bulgarian prosecutors charge only 6 of 25 Varna customs officers held for corruption

January 16, 2017

Bulgarian prosecutors have laid criminal charges against only six of the 25 Varna customs officers and other individuals arrested for alleged corruption, it emerged on January 14. The Special Criminal Court will rule on January 15 on whether five should be remanded in continuous custody pending trial. Prosecutors alleged that five customs chiefs from the Varna […]

Romania: US Embassy recommends continuation of anti-corruption efforts

January 12, 2017

The US Embassy congratulates the new Government and Parliament and expects the collaboration with PM Sorin Grindeanu to further develop the strategic partnership, but warns that the partnership is based on the “commitment for a good governance and firmly supports the efforts of president Klaus Iohannis and the judicial institutions to apply the law in […]