Moldova: Chisinau mayor’s arrest prolonged. Chirtoaca challenges the decision

The mayor of the capital, Dorin Chirtoaca, will spend another 30 days under house arrest. The magistrates of the Buiucani District Court of Chisinau partially admitted the prosecutors’ request, which demanded prolongation of his arrest warrant.


The decision was taken on July 14, and the mayor said he would challenge the ruling to the Court of Appeal.

“I disagree with the court ruling, we will challenge it to the Court of Appeal, but beyond this meeting, looking back at everything that has happened to me in the last few months, I gradually come to the conclusion that someone has the aim to soil my reputation. They aim at planting negative ideas in people’s minds,” the mayor said for the press present at the hearing.

Chirtoaca added that someone wants to make people relate such words as corruption and influence peddling to his name and this case is a requital for the 10 years of his activity in the City Hall of Chisinau.

“It is an act of revenge for the anticorruption actions undertaken in the City Hall, I haven’t manage to finish the investigations and I don’t exclude that those who have to be held accountable are now taking revenge,” the mayor added.

We remind you that Dorin Chirtoaca was detained on the evening of May 25 by anticorruption prosecutors and NAC, suspected of influence peddling in the paid parking case and was soon placed under house arrest.

17 July 2017

Crime Moldova

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