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Dozens of witnesses found dead in India multi-million dollar bribery case

July 8, 2015

Dozens of witnesses in a massive fraud case in India surrounding cheating at college and government jobs have been found dead, including four in the past two days. Investigators say thousands of people got jobs or medical degrees from systematic exam cheating that generated millions of dollars in bribes in the state of Madhya Pradesh. […]

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World Bank: Illicit financial flows and the post-2015 development agenda

July 8, 2015

Last year, the U.S. Department of Justice made a startling announcement: an FBI investigation had uncovered over $480 million in corruption proceeds hidden in bank accounts around the world held by Sani Abacha, former military dictator of Nigeria. In the mid-1990s, Abacha and his family systematically embezzled public funds from the Central Bank of Nigeria […]


Judge bribes, military arms sought: the Mafia’s alleged Australian operations

July 6, 2015

An Australian Mafia boss allegedly paid $2.2 million in bribes to  judges to get lighter jail sentences, and the Mafia have approached defence force personnel to supply them with military grade weapons, top-secret police intelligence reports reveal. The reports also reveal the price of some food – including the price of certain types of seafood […]

Corruption: Spain, Greece and Cyprus on the top in Europe

May 17, 2015

  According to a new report by the European Commission, the extent of corruption across Europe is “breathtaking”, costing the EU economy at least 120 billion euro every year. The Commission, as Statista website reports, said it was the first time it has done a survey like this and the results are certainly interesting. Respondents […]

German government poised to tackle healthcare corruption

May 17, 2015

Under a bill drafted by Justice Minister Heiko Maas, doctors charged with corruption could face up to five years in prison or a fine, closing a legal loophole that has for years hindered the fight against corruption in the medical sector. EurActiv Germany reports Crookedness in the health system inhibits competition, increases the price of […]

Honduran journalist murdered following reports on corruption

May 17, 2014

Journalist Nery Francisco Soto Torres was shot to death on the evening of 14 August, in the district of La Conquista, Olanchito municipality, department of Yoro. Soto, 32, was a host and reporter for Canal 23, and a co-producer for the show “Cuarto Poder” on Radio Full FM. The murder occurred when Soto “was trying […]

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